Solar Technology still is the future.
We will show you why.

This is just one example how we can help you achieving your solar goal. No matter who you are. No matter what you need us for. Here's what we can do for you...

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The Five Key Competences Sustaining Inter Solaris' Foundation

  • Development & Planning

    The best and most secure way to develop and plan new global projects with Swiss efficiency and success is by ensuring that our staff is not only staff, but that we work together as a team. A team of the best heads coming from the practice to the practice and knowing exactly what is important and what is not.

  • Engineering & Design

    Our core principle is Swiss expertise on a level no one in the industry can reach. We only hire the Best Experts and Pros in their field to plan everything from ground zero and with sustainable power in the Knowledge and Best Practices of our experience in the last years and decades.

  • Our high performance level of construction and installation is based on our core principles of team building, only employing the best pros and experts, punctualness and our unbureaucratic way how we handle many things.

  • Sun To Power knows about the importance of keeping your installed systems up to date. This is why we offer the best maintainance service in the industry. So if there is any issue, we will be there to solve the problem.

  • Financing & Investment

    The future of renewable energy is in our hands. We have the opportunity to change the world. And we can accomplish this goal together. By giving good ideas good chances to do even better. And to transform the old ways of old systems the world is still running in.